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…MORE Healthy Snacks Part 4…

Tired of trying the same quick snacks that you have gotten accustomed to eating? Well no worries! There is a WIDE variety of snacks that you can try that are not expensive, quick to grab, and yummy that will satisfy your cravings until your next meal! These are some good snacks that you can keep […]


…MORE Healthy Snacks Part 3…

Its about to be the start of a new month and some of you may have plans to do some grocery shopping. When you look at your grocery list do you ever wonder what are some healthier snack options that you can pick up at the store to help start to eat healthier? Well you […]


…Gas Station Snacks: Healthy Hidden Treasures…

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of traveling quite a bit to participate in various endurance races.  YES, IT IS HARD to eat healthy and make healthy food choices while traveling (and in your everyday life).  BUT, there are healthy alternatives out there for you to choose over the non-healthy snack […]


…Traveling: Airport Healthy Food Options…

Traveling is something that a lot of people do regularly.  Car rides, truck stops, air port TSA check points, running through airports to catch your flight, getting a seat on the plane that is just not very comfortable… there are a lot of things that people have to worry about when trying to get the […]


…MORE Healthy Snack Ideas…

Ever wonder down the grocery store isles wracking your brain on what kind of new and healthy snacks you can buy to add to your diet? Well I have decided to share a list of items that are sure to satisfy your appetite without packing on  to many calories, or without hurting your pocket-book! You […]


…100 Calorie Snacks…

Those new “100 calorie” snacks are becoming so popular where days! But, today I would like to share a tip with you that might help you save money and some calories…     MAKE YOUR OWN 100 CALORIE SNACKS! What does it take? Measuring cups, sandwich bags (or reusable bags/Tupperware that you may want to use), and some […]


…Eat Yourself Fit…

When it comes to getting fit, and maintaining a healthy weight – or finding your healthy weight if you are on a weight loss journey – many assume that sports and a balanced diet are all you need. Indeed, they sign up to their local gym and exercise hard regularly until they hit what is […]